Mobile Counselling Service
Signposted Service

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                                 Home Counselling is a signposted service 

                         We specialise in supporting families living with Dementia 

Juliet Larham is an Integrative Counsellor who believes therapy should be affordable, accessible and available. Her decision to become a Mobile Counsellor is based on her recognition that for some people phone and or on-line therapy is not as effective for them as face-to-face counselling and that getting to and from a venue is not always a viable option. 

Integrative Counselling is an approach to therapy that involves selecting techniques from different therapeutic models best suited to the client’s needs. This enables the therapeutic journey to be dynamic, flexible, individualised and tailored to the client.

As Juliet has had many years of working in the Care Sector and having been a family carer herself, she specialises in offering Home Counselling to family carers.

Home Counselling is available across Cambridgeshire with flexible hours to suit your needs.